Teen Patti Game: Indian Card Game

teen patti game rules

Teen Patti is a game of cards which is very popular among Indians. The terms “Teen Patti” can be translated to “three cards” and the game is almost similar to UK’s 3 Card Brag. It is a type of poker and it is also called flush.

The standard game requires a deck of 52 cards which are normally ranked from ace (the highest) to two (the lowest). The game is best played by 3 to 6 players.

At the beginning of the game, you should first agree on the value of the lowest stake. Everyone is then asked to place this stake in the pot, which is a collection of cash at the center.

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This is the amount that will be given to the eventual winner. The dealer then issues the cards one at a time, until every player has three cards in their possession.

The gamers then wager on the person whose three card hand is the best. You have an option to look at your hand before betting or to leave your hand face down.

The former is called playing seen and the latter playing blind.

Teen patti game how to play

Once you contribute the minimum stake, you are issued with three cards face down. The motion of the game takes a clockwise direction beginning with the player just next to the dealer.

A seen player can play chaal and many other options with regard to the game’s progress.

A blind player, on the other hand, has an option to play blind, show, and pack if they are available.

These words may not make sense to you right now but they will in the course of the article.

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The current stake at the beginning is the minimum wager but as the game progresses, the current stake is the amount placed by the player before you.

For a blind player, if a seen player is before you, then you have to wager at least half or the full current stake. If you are playing after a blind player, then you have to wager at least the current stake or twice that amount. For a seen player, if the person before you is playing seen, you should bet at least the current stake or twice that amount.

If you are playing after a blind player, then you have to bet at least twice or four times the current stake. You are allowed to look at your cards if you are playing blind but then you become a seen player and you have to bet at least twice the current stake from then onwards.

teen patti game how to play

A seen player has the options of playing Chaal, Pack, Show, and Sideshow. In order to remain in the game, one must play Chaal or Sideshow if they are a seen player.

Playing Chaal means that one has to deposit the bet amount inside the pot. A Sideshow, on the other hand, means that one wishes to do a comparison of their cards with those of the previous player.

However, this can only happen if the previous player is also playing seen and there are other people still in the game. If the previous player has better cards, then you must pack and vice versa.

If the request for a sideshow is denied, you don’t get to see the cards but both of you remain in the game.

A blind player does not have too many options. In fact, if you are playing blind, you can only ask for a Show if you are left with only one opponent. It is usually referred to as a “blind show”. Once one asks for a show, the cards of both players are exposed.

The player with the best hand becomes the winner and he/she is given the pot.

A show costs the current stake regardless of whether the previous player is playing blind or seen.


No credit card needed

Each player is required to put some additional amount into the pot in order to stay in. If you cannot do this, then you are supposed to fold. Folding simply means dropping out of the game permanently and any amount of money you had put in the pot is not refunded.

The game continues as described above until either of the following happen:

  1. All players have folded except one who takes all the money in the pot regardless of the value of his/her cards.
  2. There are only two players remaining and one of them decides to pay for a show.teen patti game download for android

Teen patti game download for android

Almost everything these days can be accessed through smartphones and tablets and teen patti game has not been left behind.

You can now play with real gamblers around the world in the comfort of your sofa from your favorite Android device at any time of the day or night.

Some sites have even gone ahead to avail the free online game in multiple languages. You can play using Marathi, Telugu, English, Gujarati and even Hindi.

Just visit the Google play store and click on your preferred app in order to download it.

Data from Google shows that there have been around 50 million downloads of the game.

Teen patti game download for pc

teen patti game download for pcThe game can also be accessed through various channels on your personal computer. It is around 15 MBs in size which is negligible for a PC.

There are several advantages that can be associated with playing this game on PC. For instance, the game begins immediately you hit the play button and you don’t have to wait for other players.

In addition, the game has different modes in terms of difficult where the matchmaker finds you a challenging opponent depending on your level.

The PC version of the game also rewards one with free chips every day.

It has a support for Facebook which enables one to invite friends and contest with them. Search the software on the internet and download it and then install it into your computer by clicking on the installer file you have downloaded.

Once the software is ready for use, run it on the computer and follow the procedure given.